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Located in Melbourne, BK STONE also serves the areas of Moorabbin and Caroline Springs, VIC. The firm specialises in the repair, maintenance and polishing of natural stone surfaces, including : granite, limestone, slate, marble, amongst others. We also undertake terrazzo maintenance work.

In operation for more than 6 years, BK STONE delivers high quality work and takes pride in the highly skilled craftsmanship offered to each and every client. Do you need to have bad etchings and scrapes removed from your terrazzo flooring ? Get in touch with us.

The Do's of Terrazzo Care

Some of the Do's when it comes to terrazzo care include : cleaning up spillages immedia- tely and using only a neutral cleaner for such purposes, dusting and mopping in order to get rid of dust and grit, using rugs and mats, using a professional sealing material and using maintenance products meant for terrazzos only. Following these guidelines will help you maintain your terrazzo flooring for a long time.

However, accidents do happen, and in cases where there have been bad spillages, hard abrasions, scratches and other signs of wear and tear, professional help might be needed in order to restore your terrazzo flooring.

Why Call a Terrazzo Contractor ?

BK STONE is a professional terrazzo contractor who can repair and maintain your ter- razzo flooring in no time! With vast knowledge and experience in the field, we use only high end equipment and top quality products in order to perform required repair works. You can save both time and money by calling us. We know our job well, and your satis- faction is our number one priority.

We also clean, repair and polish other natural stone surfaces.

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