Stone Honing in Melbourne

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Mostly used for natural stone surfaces to enhance the style and finish, honing and polishing techniques are the latest addition to the BK Stone portfolio of stone restoration and maintenance services. Call now for more details.

Why does stone need honing?

Hard surfaces made from natural stone or concrete can benefit from being honed if covered in light scratches or have an uneven and dull appearance. The process is completed using specialised equipment with an abrasive wheel that helps achieve a natural, smooth, low-sheen matte finish for your flooring.

The surface will reflect light moderately, giving the floor a low key and elegant look without the overpowering burnish that an additionally polished floor has. Honing stone flooring also makes the surface more scratch-resistant, so it can withstand heavy traffic. However, honed surfaces become more prone to staining unless they promptly sealed after the procedure.

Stone Honing Melbourne

A lowkey and elegant finish!

Our Services:
  • Natural Stone Restoration
  • Natural Stone Maintenance
  • Natural Stone Repair
  • Granite, Marble and Limestone Repair
  • Terrazzo Maintenance
  • Stone Honing
  • Marble Cleaning
  • Marble Sealing
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  • Lasting Results
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Natural Stone Polishing

Stone floor polishing requires the use of fine-grit abrasive equipment, which smooths down the surface even further than honing to create a glossy result.

This enhances the natural colour of the stone and gives the surface a strikingly lustrous appearance. The procedure can be performed directly on floors, which do not appear damaged in any way, or after the surface has been first honed to remove small imperfections. Note that finely polished floors are susceptible to scratching, meaning they should be sealed immediately after treatment

Taking it one step further

Stone Honing Balwyn

A Smart Solution to Stone Scratches

At BK Stone, we provide professional floor honing and polishing solutions that you can take advantage of anytime. Call now!

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