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BK Stone services all natural stone, tiles and grout. You don't need to replace it when we can clean, repair and restore it. Whether it is in your home or business, we Rehabilitate, Refinish, Repair and Refresh.

Rehabilitate: After years of use your stone, tile and grout can look old and outdated. BK Stone use techniques that can successfully rehabilitate your surface like brand new.

BK Stone can rehabilitate any natural stone surface with mild spot repairs.

Refinish: When the natural stone in your home is looking worn and dull we use a process to remove the surface imperfections and restore the surface to your desired level of finish.

Repair: When your stone is broken or damaged beyond refinishing we can repair it so you won?t have to replace it, saving you time and money.

Refresh: So often when a surface looks old and worn we can clean and seal it to refresh its appearance and looking brand new again.

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