Granite, Marble & Limestone - BK Stone


Granite very rarely require a heavy restoration. In most cases, we only need to clean, polish and seal to refresh the surface.

BK  Stone can repair broken seams, cracks in front of the sink and minor chipping. There are circumstances that call for major repairs, call us now if you require our urgent attention.


When a marble surface looks stained, old and worn, it is as a result of wear across heavy traffic areas.

Stains are often a result of common household items and the marks left by them are superficial to the stone. BK Stone can refinish all Marble surfaces and bring it back to life and bring it back to your desired finish.


Limestone is most often left with a matte finish, but can be polished like any other stone.

BK Stone clean and refinish limestone on floors, bench tops and showers
To remove soiling, traffic patterns and etches, we have to go through the refinishing process.

We  get it ready to leave it with the desired finish.

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