An Experienced and Skilled Granite, Marble and Limestone Repair Firm...

Has your marble flooring been a victim of an orange juice spill ? Did the legs of a chair cause an ugly etching or scrape on it ? Is your granite kitchen countertop looking lacklustre and in great need of polishing ? Did some sort of acidic liquid fall onto your limestone countertop in the bathroom, leaving a dull etching ? For all these issues (and more!), get in touch with BK STONE !

Located in Melbourne and serving the areas of Moorabbin and Caroline Springs, BK STONE is a firm specialising in the repair, restoration and maintenance of natural stone surfaces. We perform repair and maintenance work at both residential and commercial sites.

Your Marble Flooring Restored...

Our specialists are highly skilled craftsmen who never fail to deliver high quality work. In order to restore your marble flooring, granite or limestone countertop, we use only the best quality products and equipment. You no longer have to put up with unsightly stains, spillage marks, etchings and various kinds of scrapes. We can make these disappear like magic in no time, thanks to our vast experience and skills !

Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops Repaired...

Witness your kitchen and bathroom countertops getting new life breathed into them as soon as we are finished. We can successfully restore their shine and lustre. The re- pair and maintenance work we undertake will also add more years to your stone sur- faces and enable you to continue using them, without worrying about damage, for a long time. We also perform terrazzo maintenance work.

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Why Choose BK STONE?

  • Skilled Craftsmanship
  • Experienced Tradie
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
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The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority.

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